Roteiro de 10 dias na Chapada Diamantina

one of the most beautiful nature formations


10-day report in the Chapada Diamantina, one of the places he wanted to know for years to encompass various wonders of nature in one place: waterfalls, caves, canyons and cliffs.

What I did not know that the Chapada is much more immense than I could imagine. Despite having mounted a 10-day script, I could not see even half of all the beauties that this place provides. Certainly back in a new opportunity to further explore these landscapes.

If you've read this far and are disappointed thinking that in 10 days will not know much of the Chapada Diamantina, cheer up! In fact even in a 4-day trip would have to meet some very interesting places, which I will explain below.


The Chapada Diamantina

It is a region protected by the blades Chapada Diamantina National Park (created / declared in 1985), consisting of 24 municipalities over approximately 50 610 km2.

And right now already comes the first question?
Em qual cidade firmar base para conhecer os principais pontos turísticos?

My choice was the city of Linen because of the proximity to the airport and it is considered one of the main outlets for the attractions of the region.

I came to think about the possibility of signing the basis of two different cities, however, I packed one great price of lodging in Bed sheets and had no time to plan the script. I decided to simplify and stay only in sheets.

Although tiring, starting sheets can arrange tour packages to visit even the most distant postcards (like Buracão Waterfall in Ibicoara).

Just as a reference, to establish base hears much talk also:
Vale do Capão, Mucugê, Ibicoara, Andaraí e Igatu.


Sheets Airport

I chose to arrive in the city by plane because it was coming from Sao Paulo.

I took a ticket to Sheets, who makes a connection in Confins (Belo Horizonte) to exchange plane.
Como o Aeroporto da cidade é super acanhado, apenas aviões turbo hélice fazem pousos lá.
Este foi o real motivo da conexão.

Another option would be to land in Salvador (430 km from the city of sheets, and complete via bus / car).

Sheets Airport

The first flight in a turboprop no one forgets:

Sheets Airport


Rent a car? Hire packages?

I'm always rent car adept to brave the cities.
Mas, posso afirmar que para a Chapada Diamantina a minha opção de contratar pacotes de turístico acabou sendo mais vantajosa (e menos cansativa).

If you're used to the roads of São Paulo (Bandeirantes, Castelo Branco, immigrants) and think in Bahia and the Chapada you will find the same infrastructure ... I have bad news.

Many of the roads are in bad condition and you do not develop good speed.
Um trajeto de 200 km nestas estradas, pode representar até 4 horas de locomoção. E você dividirá a pista com muitos caminhões de carga e em alguns lugares sem opções seguras de ultrapassagem (por exemplo o caminho para Ibicoara).

Daily for car rental in 2016 was on average of R $ 220.00.

Generally, a 3-day tour package (including transportation, guide and snacks) cost R $ 550.00.

As I was alone, the account was easy.
O pacote valia mais a pena e escolhi de olhos fechados.

After meeting the conditions of the roads, signs and the distances I was even more happy with my choice ... lol


The selected packages and tours


There is a basic package you will find all the sheets of tourist agencies and consists of 3 days of sightseeing. I chose the agency CIRTURBecause it was also my own lodging.

The package of R $ 550.00 per person for three days included visits to:

Day 1:
Rio Mucugezinho, Poço do Diabo, Gruta da Lapa Doce, Gruta da Pratinha, Gruta Azul e Morro do Pai Inácio
(percurso de 150 km em carro ou van, considerando ida e volta)

Day 2:
Cachoeira da Fumaça e Riachinho
(percurso de 150 km em carro ou van, considerando ida e volta)

Day 3:
Poço Encantado e Poço Azul
(percurso de 300 km em carro ou van, considerando ida e volta)

My idea was after this tour, choose the next scripts.

Inclui um passeio para a Cachoeira do Buracão em Ibicoara por mais R$ 350,00.
(percurso de 550 km em carro ou van, considerando ida e volta num só dia).

I would have known also Marimbus (a kind of Pantanal region) and several other trails and tours.

However, falls into a logistical problem.

My trip was 10 days.

I used the first day to see the city of sheets, view tour options, etc.
Depois, foram 4 dias utilizados nestes passeios incríveis acima.
O dia de partida também era praticamente morto.

Me remaining 4 days.
Um dos outros passeios que me interessava, a travessia do Vale do Pati, eu não teria condições físicas naquele momento e além disso havia outro problema. As saídas são programadas e não são diárias.

The drive to Marimbus that was only one day could not close classes with sufficient number of people.

I noticed that the city linens lives a cycle of approximately five days, which is the average time that some tourists are, because the interval between flights leaving the city sheets (which are also not daily).

So I ended up getting a bit stuck in the final days, but took advantage to know the nearest destinations.

Now I will show you a few of the main points I met:


Pai Inácio Hill

Probably this is one of the most common postcards of Chapada Diamantina.

Mirando view of the Morro do Pai Inácio

There are several stories involving the legend of Father Ignatius.

Another amazing place to enjoy a sunset sunsets


After the sun sets, it's time to get down the hill and put his foot on the road again:

Setting of the sun in the Chapada Diamantina



Blue grotto

This tint of the water is to impress:

Blue grotto


Enchanted well

Here we finally fall into the water and cool off in the middle of a fantastic visual:

well delighted

It is even difficult to explain this picture.
It gives the impression of flying, but he was floating in the middle of water.

Enchanted Well.


Cave of Lapa Doce

One of the walks was to know the cave of Lapa Doce.

Cave of Lapa Doce: entry

limestone formations:

Lapa Doce Cave: formations


In Pratinha farm also had many attractions.
Since the free, to the paid part.

Farm Pratinha


The paths of the Chapada Diamantina

Much of the road consisted of a visual with many cactus:


Cactus are even used for food




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