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Punta del Este in Uruguay

Visit the Casino Conrad, Hotel L'Auberge, Jose Ignacio and the setting of the sun in Casapueblo

Casapueblo: preparations for the ceremony of the setting sun

On account of the journey in Punta del Este in Uruguay, you know more about this town 120 km away from Montevideoand where we devote two days of ourscriptto know the main sights: Casino Conrad resort of Jose Ignacio, waffles Hotel L'Auberge and the setting of the sun in Casapueblo.



It is a resort which is 40km before Punta del Este. We take that was along our route and made a quick visit. The city was super busy in the day. We passed in front of the famous Hotel Argentino and the main boulevard. Piriapolis was the charm of Uruguay and where people would spend money before the Punta del Este consolidation.

One spits cards is the cable car there, but as we were in a hurry to arrive in Punta not had time to meet.

The Rambla of Piriapolis

Arriving in Punta del Este, you may have the impression that our trip was a gastronomic tour! But you have to try the waffle with fresh milk Hotel L'Auberge.

Punta del Este: Hotel L'Auberge

I was not staying at the hotel, just went to visit and eat the famous waffle.

Dulce de leche in the famous waffle Auberge la

While we're talking about food, we also recommend the restaurant Lo de Tere!
Service and amazing meal. Octopus carpaccio, fantastic pasta and wine list note 10. And all this with a view to the harbor of Punta! We won some discounts because of Itau (25%) and in the end, the couple left dinner at R $ 140.00. Worth more than every penny. It was really amazing

Lo de Tere

Visual almost opposite the restaurant:

nice visual for a walk to the end of dinner

Conrad Resort and Casino

Surely it is one of the postcards of Punta del Este.
I had never visited a casino, so I was doubly excited.
Unfortunately the presidential suite was already booked, so I ended up staying at my hotel right ... lol ... But you can play the casino even if you are not staying there.

Learn more about Conrad

Punta del Este: Conrad Resort and Casino

In addition to the Casino, the Resort is magnificent.
For those who are on holiday and will be a while there may be a good option.
In my case, I used the hotel only to sleep and the next he took the road to elsewhere, ends up being a waste.

The casino atmosphere is very fun. The people trying to hit the jackpot on the slot machines, roulette wheels, and any other type of game you can imagine. I am an amateur poker player and was eager to sit down at a table and make some plays. Unfortunately, my dream fell through. Although we are in high season, they had only two poker tables formed there and the input clout did not fit in my pocket (minimum down payment of $ 400).
I heard later, I gave bad luck. Usually in the season, it has tables for every budget.

As is forbidden to take photos inside the Casino, I took this reproduction of the Tour 360 of them.
Get in on official site them and see Virtual Tour at the end of the page.
Can you meet all sections of the Resort and Casino.

Punta del Este: Conrad Resort and Casino. Photos are prohibited inside, but this took the Virtual Tour that they make available on the site

Jose Ignacio

Jose Ignacio is about 40 km away from downtown Punta and worth the visit!
On the way already has such the tortuous bridge, one of Punta postcards.

Puente Leonel Viera. The pie such bridge.

Besides the funny visual bridge, the sense of passing it on is very different.
Because at some point, the road is in front of some and reappears.
Yes. I did return and went back to the bridge, only to spend more time on it ... lol

And coming in Ignacio, the beautiful lighthouse! Too bad that in the morning the sky clouded.

Faro Jose Ignacio Punta del Este


The visit toCasapuebloIt promised to be one of the highlights from when I programmed the trip and I was not mistaken. Imagine yourself on a road trip to Punta del Este and well before arriving in town, take an exit on your left, and then by a distant street almost 3 km culminating in the beautiful sea of ​​Punta Ballena. On the right side a cliff where giant Carlos Páez Vilaró It began in the late 1950s to build his retirement. At first there was only one wooden house which was also his studio and he was over the years building and adding new rooms, like cars added to a locomotive.

In an architectural plan almost endless Vilaró waged a civil war against the straight lines in his work of white walls and corners always rounded, resulting in a habitable sculpture:

Casapueblo: a habitable sculpture. Great work of Carlos Páez Vilaró

Villaro died in 2014, a year before our visit.

Carlos Páez Vilaró in his studio in Casapueblo

During the 90 years of his life, and having met Pablo Picasso and Dali, Vilaró left us an immense cultural heritage that includes paintings, ceramics, murals, poems and musical compositions.There is also a well-known story about him, as sponsored search for his son who had been in a plane crash in the Andes in 1972.

Today, his house houses a museum with some of his works, a hotel and a restaurant.


The Sunset sun in Casapueblo

The visit to the museum is a postcard from Uruguay, because besides the opportunity to see the works of Vilaró, the evening is made an invitation to all follow the ceremony of the setting sun. So it is recommended you get there around 16 hours.

When the hour is the setting of the sun, all the guests settle down on the balcony that has views of the sea of ​​Punta Ballena and watch the big star of fire.

The balcony where all accompany the ceremony of the setting sun in Casapueblo

During this ceremony is a beautiful poem touched Vilaró (with sound boxes scattered around the balcony), and you will watching the big star of fire and heard the voice of Vilaró and his fine words.
It is so beautiful that you have to sync between the words and the sun's farewell (which is the poem's theme).

Here the final stretch:

Adiós Sol ...! Mañana hope you otra vez. Casapueblo es tu casa, por eso all her llaman la casa del sol. El sol de mi artist life. El sol mi soledad. Es que me siento en millonario soles, keep en la del Alcancía horizon.

And if you're curious, the complete work that is played at the ceremony:

click to know the whole poem: 'Ceremonia del Sol - Carlos Páez Vilaró'

When we arrived and ajeitamos on the balcony, the look is still as follows:

Casapueblo: by the sunsets ceremony

In a few minutes and in sync with the poem, the great star began to say goodbye ...

Casapueblo: the sun going away, sure to come back the next day ...

After the ceremony, you can still be enjoying a bit the place and know the other facilities, but it is the time where the museum also out of business. Some couples take advantage of the weather to date:

couple's Romance

The last image that was recorded this site and that will always bring me good memories.
A beautiful ceremony in an incredible location.

I wonder how would the beauty of this place, when even in the late 50s and early 60s, Vilaró began building this habitable sculpture ....

Casapueblo: preparations for the ceremony of the setting sun


How to Visit the Casapueblo?

How much?
R $ 25.00 (in 2015). What gives you the right to access the museum and follow the ceremony.

When to go?
In the afternoon ever! No matter if in summer or winter, just make sure it will be a clear day to enjoy the best setting of the sun. Get at least the 16hs local time, to also ensure a nice place on the balcony. No use getting too early because the place there is only the museum and a craft crafts fair on the outside.

How to get?
We were rented car, which is a practical choice to Punta del Este.
The Casapueblo is no 13km from the center of Punta del Este. There is a bus line that leaves you there are 3 km from the site, on the main road. But I saw a lot of people complaining about this service, especially for the time to come home, it is already dark, obviously.
Some places give the possibility of the transfer, or you can use a taxi.


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