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One week

What would you do if you was left one week of life?


On movieA week when Ben Tyler is confronted with his mortality, he decides to take a trip through the fields on his motorcycle. A week in the life of this man who runs away from an unhappy life, to try to live more fully.




Comments Barthozin

This film is not a blockbuster and you will have the impression of sitting with Ben on the couch, drinking a beer as he tells the story of his life. The film has great narrative and photography beautiful landscapes of Canada.

Throughout the movie, you will already be wondering if Ben would take the same decision, that with just another week of life begins to evaluate all the opportunities missed and the direction his life has taken. Your marriage, your job, your plans and dreams.

On a visit to the doctor, in a very abrupt way the Doctor says that Ben is sick. Affected by cancer, he should immediately begin an aggressive treatment to try to save his life. The stage was already very serious.

Ben looks at his life and comes to the conclusion that so far has always been very unhappy.

What to do now? Seek treatment or seek fulfillment?

This past week he has left, he will try to achieve things did not dare to do during your 20s. Buy a bike and sets off alone on a journey across Canada (Toronto to the west coast) in search of achievements to make his remarkable life in some way.


Technical A Week

Original title:One Week
Year of manufacture: 2008
Duration:94 minutes
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  1. Blog Onde Vim Parar? Diz

    Esse filme parece carregado de emoções, que nos faz pensar.
    Acho que verei! Me parece algo bom para refletir depois

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