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Living with a Dollar

56 days with 56 dollars on rural Guatemala


The award-winning film Living with a DollarIt has been hailed as a must for the Nobel Prize Muhammad Yunus and the director of The Hunger Games, Gary Ross.

The film follows the journey of four friends who were willing to live on just $ 1 a day for two months in rural Guatemala.

They fight hunger, parasites and extreme financial stress as they try to survive, living the same lifestyle of the local people.

This film was available in Brazil, via Netflix.



Comments Bartholomew on Living with a Dollar

The most interesting thing about this film is that it was transformed into a project.

At first the idea of ​​friends was to use their vacation doing some useful social project.
then they went to Guatemala, to understand how the people lived in extreme poverty on $ 1 a day.

But the stories of the places and their dreams were very touching for these four boys. And they did a follow-up of these people and helped to realize their dreams.

The film "Living on One Dollar" originated "Living on One", An NGO fighting poverty and other concerns that plague the world today.

On official movie site you can follow the course of history and how people in the community that they were in Guatemala are today.

Highlighting the story of Rosa, a woman of 20 years and Chino a dreamy boy of just 12 years.

Moreover, they inspire people to make their contribution and create your Living version with a Dolar.


Original title:Living on One Dollar
Year of manufacture: 2013
Duration:56 minutes

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